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Next Gen

Young Adult's Ministry

Next Gen is the young adults ministry at Emmanuel Assembly of God.  This group provides young adults at Emmanuel and the surrounding areas with opportunities to fellowship with each other, grow deeper in their walk with Christ, and find purpose in helping others. 


Next Gen meets every Sunday during Sunday School hours and Tuesday nights.  During these meetings there are teachings from videos, discussions, time for fellowship, and prayer.  Next Gen meetings are a great opportunity for young adults to really open up, get to know one another, and learn more about Jesus.


Aside from Sunday and Tuesday meetings, Next Gen spends time doing things like going to the movies, mini golfing, bowling, seasonal activities, and volunteering both in and outside of church.  Every third Saturday of the month, the young adults group hosts a night called “Next Gen Night.”  Young adults meet in the sanctuary to play games, eat food, and fellowship together.  There’s games like dodgeball, basketball, cornhole, and more!


The goal of the ministry is for the young adults of this generation to become involved and committed to something more than just themselves, helping others find Jesus, and finding a deeper purpose for their lives.  


There are big dreams for the Young Adult’s Ministry and I’m excited to see how God uses us!




Carly Smith

Next Gen Young Adults Ministry Leader

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