Latest Updates in regards to EAG'S re-opening after the coronavirus pandamic: 


Below are the new guidelines for church services at Emmanuel A/G:


  1. Masks MUST be worn but can be taken off when seated (assuming appropriate social distancing).  When a person is not seated as in the case of leaving or getting up to sing, masks must be worn.

  2. Masks need not be worn if interfering with a person’s job if wearing a mask creates an unsafe condition.  Non-mask wearers need to limit their interaction with the general congregation while maintaining adequate, sustained distancing.

  3. Other controls such as continuing to wash and sanitize hands are encouraged.  Temperatures may be checked at the discretion of an usher or security person but will no longer serve as an alternative to wearing a mask.

  4. Congregants should not linger after services, in the vestibule or even outside without maintaining sustained social distancing.

  5. Masks will be provided for those needing one.

  6. The above applies to all people including children over two and all youth and seniors except for those with a medical reason not to wear them.


Thank you for your cooperation.




Hello All! Grace and peace to you. Yesterday, we had the opportunity of opening the doors of EAG on Sunday morning for the first time since March. It was a blessed time and 121 people came to participate in our two services! Praise the Lord! I would like to give you some further updates and clarifications:


  1. Our two Sunday Services are at 9am and 11am. The doors open ½ hour prior to each service.

  2. We are live streaming the 11am service ONLY. To find our live steam and/or other previously recorded sermons and videos, go to our YouTube home page here:

  3. We are not currently holding Sunday School classes or Kids Ministries on Sundays. I will let you know when this changes. We WILL continue to post Children’s teachings on our YouTube page on Sunday mornings at 10 am.

  4. Our Youth Ministry is meeting Wednesday nights at 7pm

  5. Our first Wednesday night Adult Bible Study will be held next Wednesday, June 17th, at 7pm in the sanctuary. Wendy Gornicz will be leading one more Wednesday teaching tomorrow night at 7pm on our YouTube Channel.

  6. Stay tuned for LifeGroup updates!

  7. We are also having Prayer & Praise on Sundays at 6 PM. 




Hello All! Grace to you in the name of Jesus our Lord. We as a board have decided to resume Sunday services on June 7th. The following is a bunch of info to help you understand how we are moving forward under Gov. Wolf’s yellow distinction for Lehigh County and using CDC guidelines.

  1. We will have two services: 9am – 10am and 11am – 12pm. Doors will open at 8:30am for the first service and 10:30am for the second.

  2. There will be NO Sunday School or Kids services until further notice.

  3. We will have communion starting again in July.

  4. Offering will be deposited prior to seating or upon exiting inside sanctuary door at table with offering basket.

  5. The elderly will be encouraged to sit closer to the back of the sanctuary.

  6. Dismissal from the service will be in an orderly fashion with the elderly dismissed first.

  7. Please make use of our hand sanitizing stations.

  8. Please, if possible, wear a mask until you are seated and everyone else has been seated as well. As long as we are socially distanced with 6’ separation the masks can be off. Temperature scans will be done for those choosing not to wear a mask at all upon entering foyer. A temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher will result in dismissal of the person and their party. I would encourage you that if you are sick please do not attend. We would ask this in normal situations as well.

  9. Sanctuary seating is broken into two colors: blue ribbon for odd rows and yellow ribbon for even rows. Depending upon each service’s attendance, one service people will all be seated in blue and the other in yellow. This helps in CDC guidelines of social distancing.

  10. Downstairs in the Sunday School/Children’s Area will be closed.

  11. The ushers and security workers will be playing a major role in helping us navigate all of this. Please allow them to help and guide you in all aspects of seating and dismissal. Also, if you are in need of something during the service, please raise your hand and an usher will come to you. The ushers will be checked for temperature, wearing masks and many of them gloves as well.

  12. The second service will be live-streamed so those of you who cannot make it and have internet capabilities can participate from home.


I understand that there will be navigational issues during the first couple weeks. I want to encourage you to be flexible and consider others as better than yourselves. I am SOOOO looking forward to seeing you June 7th!