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2020 YouTube Links/Videos

The links listed below will redirect you to YouTube.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you will get notifications when a new video is posted.  


12/27/20: Live Streamed Service:

12/24/20: Christmas Eve:

12/20/20: Live Streamed Service:

12/13/20: Live Streamed Service:

12/6/2020: Live Streamed Service:

11/29/2020: Live Streamed Service:

11/22/2020: Live Streamed Service:

11/15/2020: Live Streamed Service:

11/8/2020: Live Streamed Service:

11/1/2020: Live Streamed Service:

10/25/2020: Live Streamed Service:

10/18/2020: Live Streamed Service:

10/11/2020: Live Streamed Service:

10/4/2020: Live Streamed Service:

9/27/2020: Live Streamed Service:

9/20/2020: Live Streamed Service:

9/13/2020: Live Streamed Service:


8/23/2020:  Live Streamed Service 1:


8/16/2020: Live Streamed Service:

8/09/2020: Joseph is Reunited with His Brothers! for EAG Kids!:

8/09/2020: Live Streamed Service:

8/02/2020: Live Streamed Service:

8/02/2020: Dreams of Cows and Feeling Forgotten- for EAG Kids:


7/29/2020: Wednesday Night Study with Wendy Gornicz:

7/26/2020: Live Streamed Service:

7/20/2020: Joseph, a Pit and the Right Attitude for EAG Kids!:

7/19/2020: Live Streamed Service:

7/12/2020: A Boy, A Dream and a Big Pride Problem- for  EAG Kids:

7/12/2020: Live Streamed Service:

7/4/2020: Daniel and the Lion's Den-Sunday School w/ Rachel Gornicz

7/4/2020: Live Streamed Worship Service:

6/28/2020: Live Streamed Worship Service:

6/28/2020: Obeying God When We're Scared- Sunday School:

6/14/2020: Live Streamed Worship Service:

6/14/2020: A Fiery Funace and a Very Big God - Sunday School:

6/7/2020: Live Streamed Service:

6/4/2020: Why so downcast, oh my soul? Wendy Gornicz:


5/31/2020: Sunday Morning Worship:

5/31/2020: Follow Me - Pastor Jason:

5/31/2020: God takes care of us! - Carmen Marin:

5/27/2020: Pull out the weeds!! -Wendy Gornicz:

5/24/2020: Sunday Morning Worship with Tara:

5/24/2020: God's Will -Pastor Jason:

5/24/2020: The Prodigal Son -Rachel Gornicz:

5/20/2020: God's Redirecting- Wendy Gornicz: 

5/17/2020: Join Tara for Sunday Morning Worship:

5/17/2020: The End - Pastor Jason:

5/17/2020: Emmanuel A/G Kid's Sunday School with Carmen Marin:

5/12/2020: What I learned from my robin friends!- Wendy Gornicz:

5/10/2020: Join Tara for Sunday Morning Worship:

5/10/2020: Ruth, Rahab and Clint Courtney -Pastor Jason:

5/10/2020: Emmanuel A/G Kid's Lesson for Mother's Day- Carmen Marin: 

5/7/2020: Frodo Baggins and Queen Esther- Pastor Jason:

5/6/2020: The Chariots of God with Wendy Gornicz: 

5/3/2020 at 8:15 AM: Join Tara and Emmanuel A/G for Sunday Morning Worship:

5/3/2020 at 9 AM: Sunday Morning Message: Leah and Her Resilience- Pastor Jason Gornicz:

5/3/2020 at 10 AM: Join Rachel Gornicz as she bring Emmanuel A/G kids the story of Jonah: 


4/29/2020: Are you teachable? Wed. Night Study with Wendy Gornicz


Discomfort- Pastor Jason:

4/26/2020: Resurrection Power-What Will We do With It? Pastor Josh Little for:

4/26/2020: Fruits of the Spirit with Carmen for EAG Kids for:

4/24/2020: "Negative Thoughts and Approaching God" Message from Pastor Jason:

4/23/2020: A Message from Pastor Jason:

4/22/2020: Mid-Week Bible Study with Wendy Gornicz:

4/19/2020: Sunday Morning Worship with Tara Bender:

4/19/2020: Sunday Morning Study with Pastor Jason Gornicz:

4/19/2020: Emmanuel Kid's Sunday School with Carmen Marin:

4/15/2020: Wednesday Night Study: Trusting God with something new! by Wendy Gornicz:

4/12/2020: Resurrection Sunday for the Kids by Carmen Marin:

4/12/2020: Resurrection Sunday by Pastor Jason:

4/10/2020: The Cross (Good Friday 2020) 4/10/2020:

The Garden by Pastor Jason:

Mid-Week Study for 4/8/2020 at 7 PM:

Sunday Sermon/Communion 4/5/2020:

This Week's Special Message to the Kids of Emmanuel AG! for 4/5/2020 at 10am:

Mid-Week Study for 4/1/2020, by Wendy Gornicz:


Sunday Sermon for 3/29/2020:

Emmanuel Kid's A/G  Message for 3/29/2020 by Carmen Marin:

Sermon for 3/22/20:

Study on Psalms 39 for 3/18/2020:

Sunday Devotional/Sermon for 3/15/2020:


Semon from 2/16/2020:

Sermon from 2/9/2020:

Sermon from 2/2/2020:


Sermon from 1/26/2020:

Sermon from 1/19/2020:

Sermon from 1/12/2020:

Sermon from 1/05/2020:

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